What is Webmix

Whenever I’m beginning the design for a site, whether it be a doctor’s office or a nonprofit or a startup, I end up with referencing the same three sites over and over again. But you and I both know that there are more than three good startup websites, even if it’s relatively difficult to find other relevant sites.


Imagine you’re building a new startup. You’ll almost certainly have a pricing page, along with some features, and a cool home page. You’ve probably heard of sites like Shopify or Stripe, since they’re obviously best-in-class. But before working on Webmix, I had no idea that 1Password has an extraordinary site for a consumer SaaS.

Now, there are plenty of great sites for inspiration out there. Shoutout to the Behance folks who are a huge inspiration, as well as Dribbble. But I was looking for a site where I could reference inspiration for web designs and architectures that was fun to use and still showed businesses that I wouldn’t have thought of to begin with.